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Analog Distribution Amplifiers
ADA 2x8SS Analog DA

Digital Distribution Amplifiers
DDA-1x8SH Digital DA
DDA-1x4SH Digital DA
  Radio Systems, Inc.

Radio Systems’ ADA 2x8SS is the world’s most fully featured audio distribution amplifier. Employ it for transparent audio distribution with super low noise and distortion specifications.
Unique feature include full metering, headphone amplifier and two input switching actived by fully adjustable silence sense circuitry or rear panel remote control. This allows the ADA 2x8SS to act as an automatic studio switcher or fail safe air chain controller.

•Front panel stereo metering
• Built-in silence sensor
• Super-low noise and distortion specifications
• StudioHub+ / RJ-45 connectors
• 110/220 volt - CE certified
• Front panel input selectors and audio presence indicators
• Rear panel full remote control and silence sense trip time and audio threshold selection

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2 inputs (stereo) x 8 outputs (stereo)

I/O and Remote Control Connectors
Shielded RJ-45
(audio connectors to StudioHub+ standard)

Front Panel Metering
20 segment/stereo
Segments: -20 to -1 Green
Segments: 0 to -2 Yellow
Segments: +1 to PEAK Red

Front Panel Controls and Indicators
Audio Selected Indicator: A On / B On / Auto
Audio Presence Indicator: A On / B On / Tripped
Audio Select Control: Auto / Trip to B / Reset to A

Remote Control Pins
Control inputs: Auto / Reset / Test
Status outputs: Auto / Trip / Input A

DIP Switch Settings
Trip and Return Time: 2 to 256 seconds, selectable
Silent Sense Gain: -34dBu to -16dBu, selectable

Input Impedance
40K ohms, balanced and bridging

Input Gain
0 to +36 dB (16 dB, 26 dB, 36 dB – jumper selectable)

Output Impedance
60 ohms, balanced


Maximum Output Level
+25 dBm (into 600 ohm load)

Frequency Response
+0/-.1 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz

(thd + n): .002% 20 Hz to 20 kHz
(any output level into 600 ohm load)

(SMPTE imd): .003%
(any output level into 600 ohm load)

(dim) .002% (into 600 ohm load)
Noise: 102 dB below +4 dBm (full bandwidth
into 600 ohm load)

Output Channel Isolation (crosstalk)
-105 dB (full bandwidth)

Dynamic Range
123 dB

21 dB above +4 dBm output (into 600 ohm load)

Common Mode Rejection
-50 dB (full bandwidth)

19 inch (EIA rack mount) wide x 1.75 inches (1ru) high x 7.75 inches deep (with connectors)

Shipping Weight
8 pounds

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